Cake and Communion

We offer many opportunities to worship here in the benefice, but for some the lack of an afternoon service is a problem, for others access to the churches is a challenge, and there is a need for a warm space with easy access to the toilet.

We are very lucky to have a generous offer from St Buryan Academy to use their Garden Room after school, which is warm, accessible and has both a  kitchen and a toilet. The Garden Room is on the righthand side of the playground.

We are holding a service here on the 2nd Thursday every month, at 4pm. It is a simple short communion (Eucharist) preceeded by cake and tea which the school offers every Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone is warmly welcomed. In order to make the space and time to provide this service, we shall not have a mid week Eucharist in either St Buryan or St Levan church in the week we have the Communion and Cake Service.