Lands End Benefice Prayer

Lovingly following Jesus through worship, study and service
Encouraging each other in prayer and mission
Being who God created us to be where God has placed us

Lord of the Church, guide us in all we do in your name
Encourage us to follow you more closely
us to be a blessing to all those we meet.

Living God, thank you for this community of the Land’s End Benefice.
Engaging with the joys and sorrows of your people, give us hearts
Build us up to be a witness of justice, peace and love in every part of our lives. 

Lord of those who are young at heart, help us to be fully alive to your love,
Enable all in need to recognise your comfort and peace,
Bring your people into a deeper understanding of your love.

Lord of the years, we pray for those who are young in heart, spirit or age
Encompass them  with your grace, guidance and love
Bless all them with your abiding presence as they seek their way in the world.  
                                                                                                  In Jesus name, Amen