St Buryan Church

St Buryan TR19 6BA 




Money and faith are awkward bedfellows, but Jesus spoke often about money and told parables about money; it was important enough for Jesus to spend substantial parts of his teaching speaking about how we used our finances and live well.

As the Diocesan Mission and Ministry Fund request has risen substantially people have been asking why we need so much money and how it is spent. Therefore we shall try to answer these questions and to help the community know what happens financially in church. Some of this is answered by having details of parish and diocesan finances easily available on the websites and pew sheet, some by displays on the notice boards, some during sermons too. We hope that those who want to know more about our finances will be able to easily access the information, and see some of the outline plans we have for the future of the church and those who have wondered how faith and finances can be viewed as being in harmony can be assured that they can!

Most importantly, we need to thank you, and our communities, for the way our churches are supported and upheld  with finances, practical help and prayer.  The church is part of the geographical community and forms a community of regular worshippers and supporters. We recognise all that people give to the church but would like to highlight the gaps where we would benefit from some help.

In St Buryan at the moment we are concentrating on thanksgiving and asking people to join us in raising money for the urgently needed repairs to the tower, and other fabric concerns and helping people know about the many ways that they could become part of the church.



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