St Buryan Church

St Buryan TR19 6BA 




Confetti – YES as long as it is biodegradable, and not thrown inside the church.

Photographs – YES on entry and at the signing of the register, but NOT during the service.

Recording the service – YES, but talk to us first, and there are additional costs.

Readings and Music – YES you can choose your own.

Flowers – YES you can organise your own but you need to have a chat with us first. However please note that we do not allow petals to be thrown inside the church for you to walk over.

Fees – current fees for the service are on the Fees form for the year but there are a few extras like organists and bell ringers fees. Please note that the Church of England fees usually increase a little each year from January.

Only on a Saturday? – Not necessarily, you can legally marry in church on any day of the week, between 8.00am and 6.00pm, but it has to be when the church and minister is free. Remember that churches can be busy places with school services, funerals, and fundraising events.

Baptism at the wedding – YES!

Previously divorced? – Wherever possible we say ‘yes’ to remarriage, as long as it fits within the Archbishop’s guidelines.

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